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Journey to Recovery Through Christ: CASA's 12-Step Study Bible

The New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs from the New American Standard Bible; recovery annotations by Don Umphrey; editor, David "Buck" Griffith.

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Audience: People in recovery or seeking recovery from any addiction, those striving to minister to them, and individuals with a desire to study the biblical basis of the steps.

Info: Convenient for step studies. More than 600 questions for self-examination or group study. A Step Overview for each of the 12 steps. 117 Step Reflections that connect step information to Bible passages. 63 Recovery Insights tied to verses aimed at additional spiritual growth. An Introduction tracing the roots of addiction to the Garden of Eden. A chapter detailing the origin of the steps and their biblical basis. Cross references throughout.

ISBN-13 978-1-937766-15-3 | 529 pages in a 6" by 9" format, soft cover - Retail price $19.95

My Son: An Addict
Finding Hope for Him and Peace for Me

By Janet P. Barnes

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Audience: Bible-believing people seeking solutions because they have loved ones who are addicted.

Info: When does helping turn to enabling? When does partnering with God morph into "playing God?" When does true love become tough love? This Christian mom details how she was brought to her knees by vain attempts to fix her drug-addicted son. She describes her spiritual journey to recovery that resulted in a new relationship with Jesus Christ. To guide people in finding the same spiritual solutions, 14 of her 16 chapters are followed by workbook sections that include blanks for biblical fill-ins. Use this volume in conjunction with Journey to Recovery Through Christ: CASA's 12-Step Study Bible where biblical citations in Janet's book include page numbers found in this Bible plus other tie-ins. Or you may use any other NASB Bible © 1995.

ISBN-13 978-1-937766-03-0 | 216 pages in an 8 ½ by 11" format, soft cover - Retail price $16.95

Journey to Recovery Through Christ: CASA's 12-Step Study Bible
& My Son: An Addict


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ISBN-13 978-1-937766-15-3     ISBN-13 978-1-937766-03-0

Twelve Steps to a Closer Walk with God: The Workbook, Second Edition

By Don Umphrey and 14 anonymous co-authors

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Audience: People with any addiction who wish to work through the biblical basis of the 12 steps to recovery.

Info: The 12 steps used by recovery groups take people from the slavery of any addiction to the freedom of a God-centered life. It is assumed in the workbook that God's revealed truth is found in the Bible. Each chapter contains a step overview, a first-person story, plus biblical passages and fill-ins. Use in conjunction with the New International Version of the Bible © 2011.

ISBN 13 978-1-937766-14-6 | 177 pages in an 8 ½ by 11" format, 13 chapters - Retail price $15.95

The Meanest Man in Texas, 3rd Edition

By Don Umphrey

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Audience: Anyone seeking a true story of God’s grace.

Info: After murdering two people at age 17, Clyde Thompson’s killing streak continued in prison. Adding two escape attempts to his record, Texas prison officials gave him the “Meanest Man” moniker and put him in solitary confinement. Without hope, he reaches up for help. Later, he corresponds with a woman on the outside who is a prisoner of her handicap, and an unusual love story begins to unfold. This classic story demonstrates that no matter how low a person gets, God will help if He is asked.

ISBN-13 978-0-9714958-6-9   ISBN-10 0-9714958-6-6 | 284-page trade paperback plus 8 photo pages - Retail price $14.95

Official Poster for the Meanest Man in Texas movie

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Audience: Movie fans

Info: This feature film was shot in Hollywood and has won numerous film festival awards. These include Best Picture at the International Christian Festival, six best actor awards for title star Mateus Ward, and three best screenplay awards for director Justin Ward and book author Don Umphrey. The movie will be available throughout the U.S. later this year.

Size: 24" by 36" on glossy paper and suitable for framing.

Deliver Us I: Recognizing the Influence of Evil on the Road to Redemption

By Don Umphrey

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Audience: The loved ones of alcoholics and addicts; addicted people seeking a way out.

Info: Describes in biblical terms why people turn to an addictive substance, the onset of denial, the downward path toward self-destruction, and what it takes for a person to leave that path to seek the Lord. Examples come from the author’s alcoholism and recovery. Includes questions for self-examination/group discussion.

ISBN-13 978-1-937766-07-8 | 191-page trade paperback, 12 chapters illustrated with 4 full-page graphics - Retail price $12.99

Deliver Us II: Discovering Your Idols on the Path to the Promised Land

By Don Umphrey

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Audience: People in recovery and those wishing to minister to them.

Info: Addiction is defined in terms of idolatry. Part I of this book: The allure of addiction and why people are drawn to return to it. Part II: Spiritual guidelines and pitfalls on the road to recovery. Parallels are drawn in Part I with the ancient Hebrews in Egyptian slavery and in Part II, their journey to the Promised Land. Examples come from the author’s alcoholism and recovery. Plus, questions for self-examination/group discussion. This title is not sequential with Deliver Us I; it stands alone or may be used in conjunction with Deliver Us I.

ISBN-13 978-1-937766-06-1 | 235-page trade paperback, 19 chapters illustrated with 2 photos and 16 images - Retail price $14.99

Overcome by Addiction: How to Help the Hurting in Your Church and Neighborhood


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Audience: Those wishing to minister to addicted people.

Info: Nineteen co-authors, many in recovery, tell about their ministries to help addicted and co-dependent people, including fellow Christians, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, homeless, institutionalized, the list goes on.

ISBN 978-0-9714958-9-0 | 192-page trade paperback - Retail price $13.50

Sex Addiction in the Church: 12 Christian Men Share Their Stories of Recovery

Edited by Steve Steele

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Audience: Sex addicts, those wishing to learn what makes them tick.

Info: This dirty dozen, now cleansed by grace, reveal their preceding pasts to help others. The Internet provides every possible form of porn. Some 60% of Christian men seek it out; many become addicted. For some it serves as the gateway to other sexual sins. Co-authors include two former ministers, a former missionary, two preachers' sons and several Christian college graduates.

ISBN-13 978-0-9714958-7-6     ISBN-10 0-9714958-7-4 | 176-page trade paperback - Retail price $12.75

12 Pasos que nos Acercan al Camino de Dios: Una guia para usar en grupos pequeños


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Audience: Spanish-speaking people wishing to learn about the biblical basis of the 12 steps.

Info: This is a translation of 12 Steps to a Closer Walk with God: A Guide for Small Groups. (See info. above.)

ISBN-13 978-0-9714958-5-2     ISBN-10 0-9714958-5-8 | 158-page trade paperback - Retail price $8.75